De Luwte, Amsterdam, Netherlands ⭐️⭐️⭐️

We came across this restaurant thanks to the recommendation from the concierge at the hotel where we were staying. I would highly suggest making a reservation a few days in advance. We sat in the front section, unfortunately we were directly next to the main doors which gave us quite a cold draft whenever the door opened or closed. Although they had a heavy curtain to try to block the air, I still wasn’t thrilled to be there, nor do I think anyone would be. 

Pumpkin & Carrot soup

As an appetizer I had a pumpkin and carrot soup, finished with a coconut foam. Of all the soup I have tried, it would be in the top 5 for sure. The flavours worked well together, it wasn’t too thick or to thin, and the best part was that it was puréed perfectly. I despise when soups are only half puréed, either do it proper or don’t do it at all is my opinion.

Beef Tenderloin

For my main course, I decided to go with the beef tenderloin. I requested my meal to be prepared to medium temperature, however it arrived medium rare. If my server had of come back within a few minutes of me discovering that, I would have asked to have it cooked slightly more, unfortunately he vanished for quite a while. The taste of the dish was quite nice, however I think that the dish needed less potatoes and extra vegetables with it. 

The one downside of this dinner was our server. He had no knowledge of the menus. When we asked questions he did not have an answer, he had not tried any of the menu items, and didn’t know a single thing about the wine list. That to me is a big issue. Under no circumstance should anyone be serving guests food without understanding those things. With the growing occurrence of food allergies, servers need to be on alert and be aware of potential risks to their guests. When we left the restaurant, that was what I was thinking about. It wasn’t how great my meals tasted, it was why the owners would allow such an inexperienced server, serve tables. 

Even with those downfalls, I would still suggest checking out this restaurant. Price wise, it would have been mid range. 

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