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Jamie’s Italian in Covent Gardens had to be the most crowded dining room I’ve seen in a long time. There was barely enough room to walk between the tables. There were 4 of us dining together on this evening, 2 of which are very tall. So when we were brought to this table in the middle of the dining room where we didn’t even have room to pull out our chairs, we asked to be moved somewhere with a bit more space. The host took us downstairs and placed us at the only other available table which had the coat rack behind it. Of the 2 table options it was the better one, however it was very uncomfortable to have the jackets pushing against my head the whole evening.  

The servers were extremely disorganized, and weren’t there to better your experience, they were only there to take your orders. I understand restaurants get busy, however this was crazy. I’ve never felt so rushed during dinner before. And after a long day of traveling, we all wanted to sit back, relax. We ordered drinks while still waiting for our 4th guest to arrive, 20 minutes later the drinks finally arrived. Once the drinks were on the table, he was trying to get us to order, but since we were waiting for our guest we didn’t. Minutes later, another server came over to try to get us to order, and then again. It was very annoying. There were clearly 4 menus on the table, and only 3 guests at the table. 

The meals all looked good. My Caesar salad arrived with red onions on it, which completely threw me. The menu didn’t describe red onions, nor would I ever expected red onions on a Caesar salad in an Italian restaurant. I ended up picking them out because I wanted a classic Caesar. Flavour wise (minus the onion) it was quite good. Perfect balance of acidity and garlic.

Caesar Salad

Main course I had the tagliatelle bolognese, first bite was quite good then the salt kicked in. The salt content was so high that it was honestly hard to eat it. Once my lips started burning I had to stop. The other guests at my table also found their dishes to be way over salted. No server came back to check on us until we put our napkins on the plates. For me, servers should always come back tho ensure everything is excellent. It was busy, but that’s not an excuse to let standard service slide.

Tagliatelle Bolognese

Unfortunately the poor service and salt wasn’t the only issue with Jamie’s Italian. On our way out of the restaurant, we passed by the kitchen (which you can clearly see into), and I witness one of the chefs drop a pan on the floor, pick it up and then put the pan back on the stove and continued cooking with it. I have never been so disgusted in my life, I instantly felt sick to my stomach. If dropping pans happens in an area where guests can see, I can’t imagine what goes on behind closed doors. 

A week earlier I dined at another location of Jamie’s Italian, I find it hard to believe that they are the same restaurant company. Everything about them was different, I loved my first experience at the Rotterdam, Netherlands location, however after my visit to the Covent Garden location, I will have a hard time dining at any Jamie’s Italian. At their current state, this location of Jamie’s Italian is rated 1/5 stars in my opinion. I do hope they can pick up their socks and give Jamie’s Italian in Covent Garden the help it needs.

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