NY Basement, Rotterdam, Netherlands ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Located in the basement of the New York Hotel, the NY Basement offers a modern twist on an old school design. You’re almost transported back in time as you’re surrounded with posters of musicians such as Frank Sinatra, and Etta James.

Table snack

There seemed to be a few staff members taking care of our table, which I loved. Team work is such an important part of a successful restaurant. The server that was taking care of the food orders must have been new, as she didn’t know much about the menu and couldn’t explain the dishes. The other server was much more knowledgeable.

We ordered the Salmon Tartare and Pata Negra for a few bites to start. The tartare had a bit of an Asian vibe to it, with the trout roe and wasabi crunch it was a one of a kind dish. The Pata Negra, also known as Iberian ham had such a different texture than I expected. I was expecting more of a waxy texure similar to prosciutto, but this was soft. 

Salmon tartare
Pata Negra

My main course was Asparagus and Mushroom Risotto. Appearance wise, I was nervous as it looked quite soupy in texture. To my surprise everything in this dish was cooked to perfection! The truffle shavings added a new level of flavour, I was blown away by it. 

Asparagus & Mushroom Risotto

Even with 2 servers, I constantly found myself without the two most important things, water and wine. We ordered bottles of water for the table, and the staff rarely brought the bottles back over. After having to ask more than 4 separate times for water, I told them to just leave the bottle on the table. The servers also failed to offer fresh glasses of wine on numerous occasions. For a restaurant of that class I do expect the severs to be offering drinks when they see empty glasses.

Chocolate & Passionfruit

I don’t typically order dessert, however the other guests were so I thought I would give it a try. The Chocolate & Passion Fruit dish was fantastic! The mix of the flavours were unique and mixed perfectly together. The golden pearl was probably the coolest thing I’ve seen, I have no idea how something like that could be created! When you crack it open, you’re treated by the overwhelming aroma of the passion fruit. Hands down the most well executed dessert I’ve experienced!

NY Basement was definitely worth the visit! If the servers could be a bit more attentive it would make the experience more enjoyable, but it wouldn’t deter me from going back again. Price wise, it is on the higher end so save it for a special date night!

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