Waldorf Hilton, London, England ⭐️⭐️

The final hotel in my January 2019 Europe trip, the Waldorf Hilton London did disappoint on more than one occasion. Immediately upon entering the lobby, you can see that is a well designed hotel, a bit dated in style but still nice. The main thing about the lobby is the smell. I could not believe how strongly scented the area was. Smelled like a cheap cinnamon air freshener, and was so strong you could taste it. I’m not super sensitive to scents, however this was insane. I dreaded leaving my room because of that smell. If someone had an allergy or sensitivity to scents, they would have a real problem staying here. 

While checking in, the staff was friendly but unorganized, there was staff grabbing our bags, asking us questions about our room while were trying to talk to the front desk staff. Everyone seemed to be in a bit of a panic, which is not what I like to experience after a day of travel. They got our bags confused and they delivered the wrong ones to our room.

The rooms were clean, and basic. Bed was firm, but comfortable. The lighting was confusing, there were tons of switches (some of which did nothing), so trying to figure out which switch was for what light was tricky. Was a bit of a guessing game. 

King Bed

Bathroom was nice, as were the bath products. The shower head needed a good cleaning as it had some build up that was blocking the water. The actual placement of the shower head seemed to be too close to the middle of the tub, which is where the shower door ended. While washing my hair (with little to no water pressure) the water was going all over the bathroom floor. After getting out of the shower, the floor was extremely slippery! I did have the bath mat down but the water was far beyond the point of the mat.

Double Sink

The location of the hotel was convenient, close to the theatre district which was helpful. I’m not sure if we stayed here on an off week or something, but this was definitely not a 4 star experience. Unfortunately I would not recommend staying here. I was excited about the chance to stay here and was disappointed. Last thing I would want would be a reader of mine to stay here and have a similar experience. Based on my 3 night stay, The Waldorf Hilton London gets a 2/5 stars. The poor service mixed with that terrible scent in the lobby and hallways killed it. 

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