Ad Hoc Pizza, Turin, Italy ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

On our first night in Turin, Italy, we really had no idea where to go for dinner. We were quite hungry at 5:30pm, however it turns out most restaurants don’t open until 7:00pm!! I must say, I was getting hangry by the time 7:00pm rolled around. We saw online that Ad Hoc Pizza was close to where we were roaming around, and the food sounded fantastic! 

We were there right at 7:00pm, and we were lucky we were. Without a reservation, there was only a few tables available. I would definitely recommend giving them a call before going, especially if you were going later in the evening. The restaurant itself was a causal atmosphere, great place to walk in off the street after a long day of exploring Torino. 

The house wine was such an amazing deal! Red and white were both approximately 5 EUR (7.5 CAD), you get a carafe of what I would say is around 10 ounces (aka 2 “normal” size glasses of wine). It certainly wasn’t stellar wine, however can’t go wrong with that price! One nifty thing about the table settings was there wasn’t a knife, they provided each person with a mini pizza wheel. It was super cute, and I want them for my at home pizza nights!!

For an appetizer we tried the farinata with black olives, oregano and sun dried tomatoes. I had never heard of farinata before, and the server was having a hard time explaining it in English, but we decided to give it a try anyway. Basically it is a chickpea flour pancake with olive oil and salt. It is cooked at high heat, and then the toppings are added to the golden top. It was super soft, and tasted good, but one piece was enough for me, I found it rich and heavy.


With 40 different types of pizzas, making a decision here is not easy! Finally we decided to share the Ad Hoc Al Pepperoni & Ad Hoc Piemontese. The Ad Hoc Pepperoni was amazing! Instead of a regular tomato sauce, they used a red pepper cream sauce which added a little bit of sweetness to the spicy pepperoni. I thought the large slices of shaved cheese on top was really unique, and it was mouthwatering to watch as the cheese melted into the hot pizza fresh from the wood fired pizza oven. 

Ad Hoc Al Pepperoni

The Ad Hoc Piemontese was also unique in that the sauce was a classic from Piedmont, Italy called “bagna cauda”. Typically it is a mixture of garlic and anchovies which is then used to dip vegetables in, but Ad Hoc Pizza turned it into a cream sauce for this pizza! Was a melted cheesy mess, just the way we like it!The crust was nice and thin, perfectly cooked, as was the pepperoni pizza.

Ad Hoc Piemontese

Ad Hoc Pizza was a great find! I was happy with our first meal in Turin! I didn’t like that they were trying to rush us out of the restaurant though. I understand the quicker people are and out then the more $$ you can make, but it takes away from the experience. Also, the table cloths were disposable which is not only poor for the environment, it makes the place seem cheap, either have no table clothes or ones that can be washed (in my opinion). Well deserving 4/5 stars. 

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Date visited: March 4, 2019

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