Caffe Washington, Rome, Italy ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Caffe Washington was just around the corner from our hotel, and we got a late start to our day so we decided to pop in there for a quick lunch before heading out for another afternoon of exploring Rome. 

I would describe the service as quick and dirty. They took drink and food orders and then that was the last we saw of them. Someone else dropped our food off to us and I think that was their only job. 

The bruschetta was giant, it was basically a caprese salad on top of a big piece of toasted bread. The tomato and mozzarella were both really fresh, unfortunately the bread didn’t offer much in terms of flavour or texture. With a little added balsamic vinegar the bread became more exciting.


I had the prosciutto pizza for my meal, and similar to the bruschetta, the pizza was huge! Caffe Washington sets themselves apart by using a mixture of soy flour and wheat flour for their pizza crust, this is supposed to make it easier to digest. At pizzas that size, its no wonder people have trouble with digestion! The pizza was quite good, I really enjoyed the crust. I would say that the prosciutto seemed more of a ham consistency as it was cut thicker than prosciutto typically is. 

Prosciutto pizza

Caffe Washington certainly didn’t blow our minds, we did leave full though. Rating wise, I’m taking a star away for the poor service and the other star away for the bruschetta bread, I mean, we’re in Italy, the bread should be phenomenal, 3/5 stars. 

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