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For our hotel in Turin, we were looking for something unique and comfortable, somewhere we could decompress and relax in the beautiful town of Turin. Hotel Victoria had such amazing reviews, and after we saw that it had a spa we were sold. The style of the hotel is very Victorian with all of the lavish patterned wall papers and draperies. While it isn’t my style preference, it really made Hotel Victoria feel beyond cozy and comfortable. Reminded me of how my grandparents house looked when I was a child. Lots and lots of floral prints. 

Main Entrance

Our stay here was a bit interrupted due to the air conditioning being broken in our first room. This made our first night quite unpleasant. We had to keep the windows open (no screens), and there was a fire escape right outside the window which made me really nervous. Between being nervous of the open window, and the heat it was hard to get a good night sleep. The next day we switched our room because the air conditioner couldn’t be fixed. We were much happier in our second room, which is the one I will show you for the review.

There were a few differences with the rooms (both were suites), the main one being the bathroom. Our first room had a jetted tub with a handheld shower head. As a tall female, it was not easy to wash your hair with this set up. I think I got more water on the floor than I did on my hair. Our second room, had no bathtub but a full size shower that I could actual standup in! Was much more convenient. The second main difference was that the second room had a bigger bedroom with a lot more natural light. I find natural light is such a treat when you’re staying at a hotel, best to enjoy it as much as you can when given the option!! If you do decide to book a suite here, I would check with the front desk when booking to ensure you get whichever style bathroom fits your needs.

First Bathroom
Second Bathroom

The layout of the second suite was perfect! It had 2 levels, with the living area on the main floor. There was a loveseat and 2 other large chairs, a small desk and mini fridge with a tv on top. We actually didn’t even turn then tv on, so I’m sure if there were any English speaking channels. It was nice to have such a large seating area to unwind in. There were large windows that opened so you could sit back and relax with a glass of wine while taking in the Italian air. 

First Floor Living Area

The second floor contained a large bedroom with another small sitting area, and a dresser to unpack in which had another tv. The bathroom and a large walk-in closet.

Second Floor Living Area

The bathroom was off to the side of the bedroom, and it had its own functional sky light. I’ve never seen a bathroom in a hotel have a skylight and it was really nice! Nothing better than fresh air. The bath products were a bit disappointing, I was surprised that they only offered 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner combination. It completely dried my hair out. 


On the other side of the bedroom was the large walk in closet with 2 robes and ample storage for your suitcases and clothing items that need to be hung. I LOVE hotel robes, that is usually the first thing I check for when I get to a hotel room. They are always so thick and cozy. Makes you feel more at home while traveling. 

Walk-in Closet

My favourite part of the hotel was the spa! As part of the suite package, you get free access to the facility (otherwise you need to pay for each visit). The spa was equipped with a dry sauna, 2 steam rooms (one for breathing and the other for relaxation), hot tub and pool. Unfortunately for us we didn’t know the pool was under construction during the time of our visit. It would have been nice for the hotel staff to make us aware of that at the time of booking, as it was one of the reasons we wanted to stay there. We made use of the spa every day, I became obsessed with the relaxation steam room. It had a little dunk pool where you could dose yourself with ice cold water if you were over heating. The hot tub was nice, but it wasn’t much of a “hot” tub, it was more of a lukewarm tub. Either way, the spa was a great treat after a day of exploring. Sadly I wasn’t able to get any pictures of the spa as I felt it would be inappropriate with other people around. 

The breakfast was supposed to be extremely good, however I disagree. The coffee provided was terrible, and it was impossible to track down a server to ask for an espresso. I found the breakfast to be a completely normal complimentary hotel breakfast, there was nothing special about it.

Besides not being told of the tub vs shower situation and the pool construction, the staff were very helpful and friendly. They were very quick to react to the air conditioning issue, and they allowed me to view a few other rooms that we could select to move too. The location of the hotel was perfect. There are countless restaurants close to the hotel, so many in fact that it makes deciding that much more difficult. We walked everywhere, there was no need for bussing or taking a taxi. It was a very cozy and classy hotel. We were very happy with our stay at Hotel Victoria Torino. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a unique experience and who enjoys a good steam! I would rate Hotel Victoria 4/5 stars.

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Date visited: March 4 – 8, 2019

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