Mad Bishop and Bear, London, England ⭐️⭐️⭐️

After checking into our hotel, our first stop was to get some lunch! I find after a flight I’m always insanely hungry, so we stopped into The Mad Bishop & Bear since it was really close. Located in Paddington Station, it was filled with lots of travellers having a quick bite before they catch their train. 

We waited a decent amount of time before our server came to our table, and then we waited quite a while before she brought us our drinks. Once getting them, we ordered the Breaded Halloumi appetizer. We were so hungry at this point that we dove in before I was able to remember to take a picture. Luckily I remember before the last one was eaten! I was surprised by how much I enjoyed them. Imagine a classic mozzarella stick, but elevated! The dipping sauce was spicy and complimented the flavour of the halloumi perfectly. 

Breaded Halloumi

I ordered the Jerk Chicken Sandwich for my main course, and was instantly disappointed when I realized that it was a “cold” sandwich. I would have thought a jerk chicken sandwich would be served with the jerk chicken heated. Flavourwise, it was okay, I would have liked a lot more of the spices as I found it to be flat and blah. Once you have real jerk chicken in Jamaica, there really is no comparison. 

Jerk Chicken Sandwich

The staff seemed to be fairly unorganized and scattered and it was hard to get their attention. I guess that’s what is to be expected from a train station restaurant though. I’m rating The Mad Bishop & Bear 3/5 stars, mainly because I think the name is cool and the breaded halloumi was fantastic!

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Date visited: March 8, 2019 

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