Mainport Hotel, Rotterdam, Netherlands ⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Mainport Hotel was probably the most uniquely designed hotel i’ve stayed in to date. The design was modern with Japanesse accents. With many added touches, this hotel was such an interesting experience, and an even better conversation starter!

While it’s not walking distance to Rotterdam Central train station, it is a quick tram ride away (10 minutes maybe), and the tram stops directly across the street from the hotel. One huge downside is that the hotel does not have a business centre. I found this strange since most of the hotel guests were there for business purposes. 

Lobby with Staircase to Bar

The elevators (3) are located behind the staircase, and are really fast, and completely made of glass! They offer beautiful views of the canal as you make your way to your desired floor. 

The staircase takes you down to the -1 floor, which is where you’ll find cocktail bar “On The Rocks”, and “Restaurant Down Under” where daily breakfast is served. 

Waterfront Spa Room

We opted for the Waterfront Spa Room, as I LOVE a good bathtub. Let me tell you, this bathtub was the king of all bathtubs! I felt like a mermaid while I soaked myself into pure relaxation. My day was planned around this bathtub (and no i’m not kidding!).

Bathroom / Shower

The bathroom was extremely well lit, offered a walk-in shower, a mirror with a tv in it (the black box in the middle of it), a separate room for the toilet, lovely bath products, and finally (I saved the best for last)… a private SAUNA! That’s right friends, your own personal sauna, they even included eucalyptus oil to add into the water that gets poured onto the stones. 

Private Sauna in Bathroom

Another modern feature of this hotel was the “Do Not Disturb” or “Clean Room” feature. Instead of having the classic door hanging, they have an electronic touch screen on the inside of your room where you can simply press if you require either of those options. On the outside of the room, your selection is displayed for the hotel staff to view. There is also a door bell option on the outside, so you wont have to worry about someone entering your room without you being able to hear them. 


Mainport Hotel also offers a decent size pool for their guests. The room also contains a steam room and a large sauna. The views from the pool room are stunning. It‘s located on the 8th floor, so you’re quite high up. There is also a sitting area with comfortable lounge chairs.

While all these features are lovely, a good hotel also needs good service. I did find Mainport Hotel was lacking on this aspect. 

Whenever I tried to call the front desk, housekeeping or room service, the phone lines were always busy. One day I was trying to track down the laundry that I had sent in and was unable to reach anyone. I ended up at the front desk to ask in person, and even she was unable to get ahold of housekeeping. No one knew where my laundry was. As having your laundry done is quite pricey to have done, I was annoyed at the lack of organization and lack of service. 

The service at “On The Rocks” was terrible. I went twice during my stay and both times were equally bad. I found the staff was rude and I watched a few of them give other guests dirty looks behind their back, and also make fun of a guest who was over weight. This to me is completely unacceptable!! 

You have to be careful when you order water. I asked for a “glass of water”, I was given a bottle of still water (at the breakfast buffet bottled water is free), so I assumed it would be the same there. However, it wasn’t. Once my partner arrived, we wanted to have a glass of wine. We were sitting at the closet table to the bar, where 6 staff members stood talking to each other. None of which seemed to be the least bit interested in serving us. A few of them looked our way and we gestured for them to come over, and they looked away. I ended up going up to the bar to order there as it was clear no one was going to come to us. 

To sum it up, the hotel itself is really nice but because of the service and lack of a business centre, I would only give it 3.5/5 stars. 

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