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After a less than average experience my last time at Olivers (approximately 2 months ago), I decided to give it another chance, and I’m happy I did! After the holiday season, it seems the staff at Oliver’s is back up to their normal high standards of food and service. 

Olivers dining room is fairly small, with less than 15 tables & booths, however the way it is set up, they are still be able to accommodate a fairly large size group if required. I’ve gone without having a reservation (for lunch) and had no problem with getting a table, but I’ve also gone and needed to have a reservation. I would recommend making one just in case! Decor wise, they have lots of large printed photos on their walls, and a huge display of their red wine selection.

Wine Display
Style of Tables

Immediately upon sitting down our server was there ready to take a drink order, and then she quickly returned with those drinks. Her level of attention remained the same throughout our entire meal. We were very pleased with her level of service. 

The lunch menu has a good variety of options, but Olivers likes to make the decision harder by adding at least 3 daily specials, and typically 2 feature soups. Our server explained the daily specials well, without looking at the board or a notebook. In addition to their wine list, there were a few featured wines which I believe they change every season. 

My partner and I quite enjoy the calamari appetizer, it is always cooked properly (not chewy), and the combination of the light, crispy batter and their seasoning is yummy! The dipping sauce is an added flavour bonus. It is a good size portion, which makes it perfect to share if you want a few bites as an appetizer. I find calamari is best enjoyed in small portions and would never be able to finish this size appetizer alone.

Calamari Appetizer

On this particular day, I decided to have the chicken parmigiana flatbread lunch special, with Caesar salad as the side dish. The Caesar salad is always consistent in flavour, as is the amount of dressing, and it’s completely delicious! I’ve never had a chicken parmigiana flatbread before, so wasn’t sure what to expect. It arrived and looked more like a chicken parmigiana taco or wrap made with a flatbread, I flattened it out and then ate it like a flatbread. The chicken was pulled and was nice and moist with lots of flavour. The tomato sauce was wonderful, not too acidic or tart. Of course it wouldn’t be chicken parmigiana without cheese, and this had lots and lots of cheese! It was a new way to eat chicken parmigiana and I think it worked well.

Chicken Parmigiana w. caesar salad

Oliver’s is a nice spot to check out if you’re looking for lunch out in St. John’s. With the stellar food and service we received on this day, Oliver’s gets 5/5 stars!

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