Red Asian Fusion, Halifax, Canada ⭐️⭐️

Being one of the only restaurants open on the February holiday in Halifax, my sister-in-law and I gave it a chance, and it smelled delicious! Never hearing anything about it, and without a Trip Advisor page, we had no idea what to expect. The dining room was like any other Asian restaurant you’d find in town. Nothing special, but clean and heavily decorated. 

The menu had a lot of options on it, many of which were new to us. We had been expecting more of a Thai inspired menu with a lot of sushi. But it was more directed towards Chinese and Vietnamese (I think). The biggest item missing from the menu was the wine!! They only offered a few types of beer and saki. We almost left at that point, but decided the food sounded good and like I said, there weren’t many options on this day. 

With our water to drink (which was basically hot), we ordered spring rolls and the pork gyoza to start. The rolls were huge, and had fillings in them that I couldn’t place. They didn’t taste like a traditional spring roll, but they were decent. The gyoza order was massive, large enough portion for a small family to share. Flavour and texture wise they were good, I’ve only had gyoza that was more steamed than fried, so it was different. 

Pork Gyoza & Spring Rolls

For main dishes, we had trouble ordering because everything is in huge portions, from what the server was trying to explain to us. We decided on sharing the spicy chicken and what I would describe as a pork noodle bowl. The spicy chicken ended up being spicy pork short ribs and were extremely fatty. The flavour of the sauce was really good though, very spicy, definitely not for a weak stomach.

Spicy “Chicken”

The pork soup bowl looked absolutely terrible. With its milky looking broth and discs of over cooked pork, it was not nice on the eyes. It had a very very fishy smell, which we discovered was coming from the seaweed in the bowl. The broth was interesting, definitely not something I’d recommend or order again.

Pork Noodle Bowl

With Red Asian Fusion, I have to give a less than average rating, 2/5 stars. Worst meal I’ve had in a while. 

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