Ristorante Urbani, Turin, Italy ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Upon entering Ristorante Urbani, you’re instantly transported into an enchanted forest. The combination of the tree lights, green foliage, glowing bunny rabbits and mushrooms, and the twinkle lights, you almost forget you’re in a restaurant. Don’t get me wrong, it is quite tacky but it was the vibe they were going for so I think it works. The family behind Ristorante Urbani has a long history of catering, which after years of evolving turned into this successful restaurant.


The dining experience here is very causal, but welcoming. If there isn’t bread on your table when you sit down, then it is brought to you immediately. The bread service is pretty serious, for 2 people we had a handful of breadsticks (that were approximately a foot long), and then another bowl with baguettes. The breadsticks were truly one of a kind. They appear really dense, however they were the lightest breadsticks I’ve ever had. I’m having a hard time trying to figure out how to describe them, the best I can come up with is comparing it to an Aero chocolate bar. Kind of bubbly on the inside and then it dissolves.

Breadsticks & Bowl

 After you order your meal, they give every table a little snack to start. It appears they don’t always give the same items. We were given a bowl of cooked barley with vegetables, while the table next to us were each given a small slice pizza. Needless to say, Ristorante Urbani is all about ensuring their guests leave with full stomachs! After finishing the barley, we were happy we decided to only order pizzas, and no appetizer! 

Barley Bowl

As with everything else at Ristorante Urbani, the pizzas were huge and stacked with a TON of cheese 😍! Everything about the Diavola & Capricciosa pizzas were wonderful. The flavour from the wood fired oven really came through on both pizzas, it made the crust perfection! The tomato sauce was light, and I didn’t find it acidic at all. Before long, there was nothing left of these pizzas, they were too good to not finish. 

Pizza Diavola
Pizza Capricciosa

Even though we were completely stuffed, once I saw that Black Forest cake in the dessert display, I knew we at least had to try it. It did not disappoint! The cake was everything I dreamed of! The cream was fluffy without being too heavy and the chocolate flakes on top were the perfect touch!!

Black Forest Cake

The one thing I wasn’t super keen on was the service. Once the food was put on the table we didn’t see our server for a while and we had wanted to order another glass of wine. It is also an old school place where they have hand written receipts, but they do have a machine for payments. Ristorante Urbani is 4/5 stars for me, I highly recommend checking it out, I can guarantee you won’t leave hungry! 

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Date visited: March 6, 2019

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