Starhotels Metropole, Rome, Italy ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Our trip to Rome was quite last minute, and even though it wasn’t high tourist season, a lot of the hotels were already booked. Luckily we came across Starhotels Metropole which offered the most reasonable rates for what you get, and was under a 10 minute walk from the main station. We arrived close to midnight, and were pleasantly greeted by the hotel staff checking us in. They both spoke English and were quick to get us to our room. They had a special package on that included an upgrade to a suite and would include breakfast, we decided to go for that option. 

The suite consisted of a large bathroom, living area, and a real bedroom complete with a door and all! If you like very air conditioned rooms then you’ll like it here! I was actually cold at nighttime.

The entry way had a seat for putting on your shoes and that’s also where the closet was. The closest was small, and didn’t have many hangers. Good thing we only had a few items that needed to be hung up. 

Entry way & closet

The bathroom was to the left, off of the entry way. It had a double vanity, tub/shower combination, bidet, toilet and fantastic mirrors!! The sides of it bent in, so you’re able to angle them to get a great view of your hair from behind, very handy! Another great feature of this bathroom was that it had actual electrical outlets, not the ones that are only for shavers.

Double Vanity
Other bathroom view

The living area was small, big enough for a couch for 2, and the tv stand which had the mini bar in it. With the upgraded package we purchased, all of the non alcoholic beverages were included which was nice. We drink a lot of water, so that was definitely worth it. The television is pretty useless unless you can speak Italian. The only channel I found that was English was CNN. Hint: don’t drink the juice, it was thick like syrup.. not pleasant. 

Living Area

I liked that the bedroom had a door on it, that way if one of us was still sleeping, the other could make use of the living area without having to tip toe around. The king size bed was quite firm but it felt good after walking around all day. There was another television on the wall, we didn’t even turn it on.

King Bed
Other side bedroom

Overall, we had a pleasant stay here. I wouldn’t say it was spectacular but it served its purpose. It was very clean, and the staff was friendly and willing to help with whatever they could. If I could do half stars I would give it a 3.5/5, just above average but since I can’t I’ll give them 4/5 stars. 

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