Van Puffelen, Amsterdam, Netherlands ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Going off of a hotel concierge recommendation we weren’t sure what to expect at Restaurant Van Puffelen. You can certainly check out other reviews and glance at the menu online, but none of that will do any justice to the outstanding meal we had here! 

The space is a little on the darker side with extraordinarily high ceilings. There is a mix of high bar style tables, and also more traditional dining tables in the back of the space.

Our server was lovely, and knew the wine and food menu very well. She offered us recommendations which we couldn’t have been happier with. 

Fresh Ravioli Appetizer

Words can’t explain the complexity of the flavours in the Fresh Ravioli dish. It is available as both an appetizer and also a main course. My partner and I decided to share the appetizer size as our first course. 

It was stuffed with cavolo nero en taleggio, and topped with smoked almonds, roasted red pepper sauce and finally a dollop of artichoke pesto. All of which was made in-house. 

My favourite part of this dish had to be the texture. I for one am particularly fussy when it comes to textures. With ravioli I find many restaurants make the mistake of overcooking the ravioli, when the intention should only be to heat it up before serving. The Fresh Ravioli here was certainly not this case, as it had the perfect al dente consistency. This ravioli is the ravioli that all other raviolis would bow down to! As you can tell, I can’t say enough good things about this dish. Highly recommend everyone go to Amsterdam just to indulge in this fantastic dish. 

For main course, I had the Grilled Steak. Unfortunately, I got too excited when my meal arrived that it completely slipped my mind to take a photo. I didn’t remember until I was telling my partner how amazing it was! The steak was cooked exactly to the temperature I requested, and again the flavours were wonderful. 

Dessert was a dark chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream and a raspberry coulis. The brownie was dense and moist, which are my two must haves for brownies and the vanilla ice cream was unreal. We could have eaten a whole tub of it! 

Price wise, I would put Restaurant Van Puffelen around mid range, and it is a more causal style dining. Some people were dressed up and others weren’t. It‘s a great place, you should check it out for yourself! 

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