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Located in the Royal Lancaster London, Nipa Thai delivers extraordinarily high levels of food and service. From the moment you enter the restaurant, the staff greets you with such care and attention. The dining room isn’t overly large, but they made very good use of the space. I loved the dining chairs, they were nice and big and very comfortable.

Dining Room

We started with the Kao Krieb Pak Moh, which were steamed rice wraps with sautéed chicken, shallots, roasted peanuts. Served with crisp lettuce, fresh chilies and coriander. The presentation of the appetizer looked like a work of art. The amount of skill and detail that must have gone into creating this dish is very impressive. Flavourwise, the dish was equally impressive. The filling of the rice wraps was perfect, I can’t even explain how the flavours complimented each other, and how the different textures took the dish to then next level. It was fantastic!

Kao Krieb Pak Moh

Our second appetizer was the Satay Kai which were char grilled and marinated chicken served with peanut sauce and cucumber relish. They were absolutely outstanding! I always thought of chicken satay as dried out chunks of chicken, Nipa Thai proved me wrong! Words can’t express how amazing they were. The cucumber relish was crunchy and refreshing while the peanut sauce had a bit of a spicy kick to it! Perfect combinations. 

Satay Kai

For main courses, we had the Panang Nuea Rue Moo which was pork with red coconut curry, basil leaves, and kaffir lime leaves. It was like the panang curry dishes you can get at most Canadian Thai restaurants, except this was the best you could get outside of Thailand! I could live off that sauce that it comes in and plain rice for the rest of my life! So amazing.

Panang Nuea Rue Moo

Our second dish was Phad Kra Prao Kai Rue Moo, stir fried chicken with chilies and basil leaves. Again it was outstanding! Appearance wise it was stunning, I didn’t even want to disturb it. However, after that first bite I was hooked and couldn’t stop!

Phad Kra Prao Kai Rue Moo

For rice, we went for the fried rice with chicken, or Kao Phad Kai. It was beautiful and tasty! 

Kao Phad Kai

Our entire evening from start to finish at Nipa Thai was fantastic. I have to give them 5/5 stars! It has definitely been added to my favourites list, and I’ll be going back the next chance I get! I highly, highly recommend it if you like Thai food.

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