Trattoria Mercatto, Toronto, Canada ⭐️⭐️

After a long day of shopping, my Mom and myself thought Trattoria Mercatto was a convenient spot to have dinner as it is located directly inside the Eaton Centre in Toronto. The 2 level interior of the restaurant is absolutely stunning! I am a sucker for exposed brick walls, concrete floors and extra high ceilings. Very modern industrial style. The added touch of the huge ceiling lights acted almost as an art piece. There were lots of larger high top tables, which would be perfect for after work drinks with co-workers, and lower tables that are better (in my opinion) for more of a dining experience. 


Luckily we made a reservation because the entire dining room was full when we arrived at 6:00pm. Unfortunately, from the beginning of our experience it was clear that the restaurant was desperately understaffed. After being seated at our table, we waited around 10 minutes for a server to make their way to our table, then we waited another 10 minutes for them to return with our ice water, then another 10 minutes for our wine (which after a big shopping day, we really wanted and needed!). It was an unorganized mess, there was staff running around everywhere.

The Arancini was alright, I found the outside to be overdone while the inside was barely lukewarm. The tomato sauce was light and had nice flavour, however it was also only lukewarm. We were so hungry so ate them anyway, and by the time a server made their way back to us, they were gone. 


The pizza was delivered to our table by another different server. It had amazing flavour, the crust was cooked really well on the edges. Unfortunately, the bottom of the pizza was very soggy. You couldn’t pick it up without it falling apart, so it was “an eat with a fork and knife” pizza. I ate as much as I could, trying to avoid the really soggy spots, but I really wasn’t happy or impressed with it. 


It was definitely a disappointing meal between the over/undercooked food mixed with the terrible lack of service and attention. I’m all for having servers work together and help each other with tables, however it needs to flow. These servers were beyond unorganized and no one seemed to have control of the situation. I wouldn’t recommend checking this place out for more than a causal drink, the food needs a lot of attention to detail. I’m going to give them 2/5 stars for my experience. 

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Date visited: May 15, 2019 

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