Ship Pub, St. John’s, Canada ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Ship Pub is a small hole in the wall off of Duckworth Street in Downtown St. John’s. Appearance wise, it is kind of creepy. To be honest, if I wasn’t told that the new chef there is amazing, I probably would not have gone in for lunch. It doesn’t give a welcoming image of what their food would be like, it is more of a “lets go in, get loaded and listen to live music” kind of place. However, I’m really glad my partner and I gave it a try, because the food is tasty! 

The staff is beyond friendly, you’re greeted with a huge hello and smile that makes you feel like you’re being invited into their living room. The service is very very chill. Every time we’ve dined here the server is always watching our beverages and is quick to notice when / if you need anything. They also do a great job at remembering all of the specials. One day there must have been 8 specials and she listed them off to us by memory. Impressive. 

One of my favourite things about The Ship Pub, their daily specials. The everyday menu is very “pub style”, fish and chips, burger etc, but their specials pull in dishes outside of the traditional pub food. I had a Vegetable Curry special that was offered one day and it was fantastic! The chef seems to be well trained in all types of cuisines, which is nice because whenever you dine here, you have no idea what other style of dishes will be offered at that time. 

My main course on this specific lunch was the Ship Burger with Caesar Salad instead of the fries (have to try to be healthy sometimes). It was quite yummy, the burger was cooked perfectly without being dry. The bacon was extra crispy (as per my request). The ingredients in the salad were noticeable fresh, the lettuce had that nice crunch and the dressing on the salad was flavourful and light! 

Ship Burger w. Ceasar Salad

The Ship Pub accomplishes exactly what they wanted. It gives the vibe that you’re inside a ship. While it isn’t the most flattering on the eyes, you’re getting good food for reasonable prices, which makes up for it in my opinion. For that reason, I think The Ship Pub is deserving of 4/5 stars. 

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Date visited: June 23, 2019 

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