White Caps Cafe, Glovertown, Canada ⭐️⭐️

The White Caps Cafe is in the small town of Glovertown which is approximately 3 hours from downtown St. John’s. My partner and I visited this restaurant for lunch while on vacation in Burnside, NL. The dining room is quite small, and the decor is very country cabin style. There were some nice pieces of art on the walls, and a lot of nautical trinkets.

Dining room

The girl that greeted us at the door seemed as if she was new, as she appeared nervous and unsure of the process. From there, the service was an order taking. She came to the table and asked for drink and food order at the same time and then left. No hello, no smile, no conversation, no nothing! If they want the zombie order taker vibe, I get it, but for a small restaurant, that is probably owned by a family, I expected the staff to want to get to know their customers and make it more of an experience or at the very least be friendly. 

For my meal, I had the Lasagna, it wasn’t the homemade lasagna that I was expecting. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much flavour, all I could taste was beef and tomato, which I know is 2 of the main ingredients in lasagna but it almost tasted freezer burnt. Would be much better with some more herbs and garlic in the sauce and fresh parmigiana on-top, not the mixed cheddar mixed that they used. Also, the garlic toast was that Texas toast you buy in the freezer section at the store, not so yummy. 


My partner had the Club Sandwich with Onion Rings, sadly he was equally unimpressed. At first glance you can tell the onion rings were frozen, which isn’t the end of the world but they were fairly soggy. The bread was cheap white bread, we were thinking it would be fresh baked bread as most small town restaurant make their own. While the chicken was good, it was 90% dark meat. He picked out some of the white meat, bacon, lettuce and tomato and ate that as the bread wasn’t good.

Club Sandwich w. Onion Rings

We had heard this was a great place to eat, so we were quite disappointed with the outcome. I don’t plan on dining here again, there was too many negatives to our experience. I truly dislike giving negative reviews, but the whole point of my blog is to give my honest truth. I am sure there are people that love this place, I’m just not one of those people. For our lunch experience, I’m giving White Caps Cafe 2/5 stars because while the food was edible the quality and flavours weren’t there, nor was there any level of service. 

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Date visited: July 18, 2019

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