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Stellar Kitchen is the restaurant in the Clarenville Inn, off of the TCH in Clarenville. My partner and I vacation in the Terra Nova Park area every summer, and Stellar Kitchen is a good pit stop about halfway between the park and town. I dined here twice over last summer season and both times they must have been hosting weddings, or at least the wedding parties because there were groomsmen and bridesmaids all around the lobby area. 

While the hotel and restaurant seem a bit dated, they did what they could and painted the chairs a mixture of colours, which helps make the room seem a bit more modern than it is. I really liked the photos they had on the walls of the Orca whales, so majestic.

Dining Room

The menu covered pretty much anything someone could want to eat. A lot of the dishes give the option of making it custom to your taste. There were lots of sharing items / nibbles for the table as well. As a starter we had the Bruschetta, and I was surprised when I saw that it was on a flatbread as bruschetta is traditionally served on a baguette. Right away I wasn’t fond of it on a flatbread because it was too soft, there was no crispy element to it. Flavourwise, it was ok, I think it could have used some more parmigiana and basil but because the tomatoes were super fresh they helped balance it out. 


For my main course, I had then Cajun Chicken Penne which was served with garlic toast. The dish was baked, so the pasta on top had a little crunch to it which was tasty. I’m always a little nervous when ordering a cream based pasta in restaurants as sometimes the chef goes overboard on the cream, making the dish extremely heavy. Thankfully, that was not the case here, the dish was even on the lighter side! The Cajun aspect of it wasn’t as spicy as I expected, that could just be my taste as we tend to have a heavy hand when it comes to adding spices, but it still tasted yummy! I would order this dish again for sure. 

Cajun Chicken Penne

The service aspect was a bit disappointing, our server was quite shy and was only interested in taking our order. Once the appetizer was dropped off she didn’t return until our main dishes came out, that means no quality check was done, nor were our water glasses filled up. There were only a few other people in the dining room, so it’s not as if she was busy. Maybe it was an off day for her on this particular occasion. 

On this day, I left full from my pasta dish but it wasn’t a memorable experience by any means. Between the soggy bruschetta and lack of service I feel as though Stellar Kitchen should receive 3/5 stars.  

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Date Visited: July 19, 2019

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