Stone Jug, Carbonear, Canada ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

After a beautiful hot and sunny summer day at one of the few sandy beaches in Newfoundland, my partner and I decided to take a break from cooking and went for a little drive around the area we were staying and came across Stone Jug. We were a little late for lunch but a little early for dinner, so there wasn’t many people around. We sat at the bar, as the few tables in the dining room had children at them, and they were all having a lot of fun (aka they were being extremely loud). 

The bartender came right over with nice cold glasses of ice water and took our drink orders, which he made immediately. Right away we did notice the restaurant was very very warm, we asked the bartender if they could turn up the AC only to find out they don’t have AC! He said the building was built in 1860 and since its solid stone they aren’t able to install it. I’m not sure how that stuff works, but it felt like a greenhouse inside. 

The building itself is stunning, its 3 levels, first 2 being dining areas and then 3rd is used for private events. He said they get a lot of weddings and receptions in the room, which it would be really nice for (minus the heat in the summer). All 3 floors have high ceilings making the rooms feel bigger and brighter. I was obsessed with the atmosphere in this restaurant, I loved loved loved all of the real stone, and they had these extravagant chandeliers everywhere. 


For our meals, we shared Stone Jug Sausage Board and the BBQ Chicken Pizza. The sausage board was amazing!!! I was under whelmed when I saw it, however looks can be deceiving. The pickled cauliflower was addicting! I could have eaten a bowl of it. The house made sausages were extremely flavourful and juicy. Yum Yum!! A bite with all of the boards components was excellent, the Dijon mustard was strong but really held everything together.

Stone Jug Sausage Board (large)

The BBQ Chicken Pizza also did not disappoint. Stone Jug uses a real wood fired pizza oven, which automatically makes the pizza flavour go through the roof (in my opinion). Nothing better than pizza made in a wood fired oven. The bbq sauce was on the sweeter side which was a nice compliment to the spicy banana peppers. Plus there was a ton of super gooey and stringy, cheese, the best! 

BBQ Chicken Pizza

The bartender continued with his high level of attention and service throughout our meal. He was quite chatty, but when you sit at a bar, you do tend to want to engage in conversation with the bartender. If we didn’t chat then we wouldn’t have known about the age of the building and why it was so hot in there! 

We had a lovely late lunch here, and I would definitely recommend checking it out if you’re ever in Carbonear, NL. While the excessive heat was annoying, if there’s nothing the restaurant can do about it I don’t feel right using it against them. Plus the day we were there it was approximately 25 degrees outside and sunny, i’m sure it wouldn’t be as hot at night. We had a wonderful experience on this day, therefore I’m going to give Stone Jug 5/5 stars! 

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– Tastyytravels 

Date visited: August, 4, 2019

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