The Guv’nor Pub, St. John’s, Canada ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

After the 4 hour drive back from Eastport, NL, the last thing I wanted to do was go to a grocery store to get stuff to make lunch. We had heard about / saw an advertisement for it on the highway, of this little British place called The Guv’nor Inn. They also have a British style pub as part of their complex, so we decided to give it a shot! For a Monday afternoon, I was surprised by how busy it was. There seemed to be a mix of guests from the Inn, a few business lunches/meetings and a few family gatherings. It was nice to see that a local place is getting the business.

The interior is very much British Pub style, tacky carpet, old wallpaper with a big wooden bar. The menu has some classic British favourites. I would be shocked if someone came here and couldn’t find a menu item that they would like. It has you covered from your chicken wings to cod tongues, burgers to lasagna and hot turkey sandwiches to liver and onions. 


We did wait a long time (approx 10 mins) for our server to get to our table, however she was apologetic and she quickly returned with our beverages. I ordered the Chicken Fingers with Caesar Salad as a side. Was feeling in a classic pub comfort food mood. We waited approximately 30 minutes for our food to arrive so I was really hungry when I got my plate. I actually dove right into the chicken fingers without even taking a photo first! That only happens when I’m on the verge of eating my own arm as a snack! To my surprise, the middle of the chicken fingers were still completely raw! Thank god I actually looked before shoving them in my mouth. 

While waiting for our server to come near us so I could flag her down, I started eating my salad.  The dressing was good, however they put on way too much. It weighed the lettuce down and made it quite soggy.

Side Caesar Salad

Finally our server came back around, and she was absolutely mortified by the raw chicken. She immediately took control of the situation and got the kitchen to make a fresh batch and promised them within 10 minutes. Sure enough, they came back to the table right before the 10 minute mark. Again, I was so hungry I dove into them (this time breaking them all in half to ensure they were cooked), which is why they look terrible in the photo (sorry..). 

Chicken Fingers (re make)

Pushing the 1st order aside, these were some of the best chicken fingers I’ve ever had. There wasn’t too much breading, and the meat was clearly “real” chicken and not the processed stuff inside chicken nuggets. Our server handled the situation exactly how I would have back when I was still a server, she saw the problem and fixed it without even being asked too and followed up numerous times. Yes we waited a while for our server and then the food, but that happens sometimes, the fact that she knew how to handle it makes all that go away. I’m giving The Guv’nor Pub 4/5 stars because the food is quality and the staff is experienced, the kitchen just needs to focus on the attention to detail. 

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Date Visited: August 5, 2019

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