The Gypsy Tea Room, St. John’s, Canada ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

After a not so great experience here last year (before I started the blog, but you can find my little review on my Trip Advisor account @tastyytravels if you’re curious), I was a little hesitant to bring my mom and stepdad here during their last visit. The whole idea of this blog is to help both the restaurant and to inform potential customers about my experiences. The owner ended up responding to my review to get more detail in regards to my poor experience, which turned into us exchanging a few emails. It was clear to me that he truly cares about his establishment, and wanted to ensure that an experience like mine wouldn’t happen again. Everyone deserves a second chance, especially when they are putting in a lot of effort, this is why I gave the Gypsy Tea Room a second chance. 

When you first walk into the restaurant, you end up in the bar area (I’ve been there for a few drinks before and it’s a nice spot to chat with friends), there is a large room downstairs that you can book for larger events, and the main dining room in in the back of the bar area. Since my last visit, the dining room underwent a renovation. Before it was over stuffed with tables, which I think could have been part of the issue before, too many tables = too many customers and if the kitchen is small, it can lead to long wait times for food to hit the tables. Currently, the middle of the dining room features a small square bar which has bar stools on all 4 sides. I’m not 100% sure if you can eat at the bar or if it is just for bar overflow. Either way, it looks much much better! 

Dining Room

The Buffalo Cauliflower is made with a tempura batter, buffalo sauce a drizzle of ranch dressing and topped with toasted sunflower seeds. Everything about this dish is delightful!! It is probably a dish that is best enjoyed when you share it with at least 1 more person, as the portion was quite large and cauliflower is filling. If I had ordered it for myself, I wouldn’t have been able to stop eating it, which would have spoiled my appetite for my main course! Each piece was approximately the same size and they were cooked perfectly. We enjoyed every last bite to the point of almost licking the bowl. 

Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

As my main dish I had the small size of the Cajun Chicken Fettuccine and thank heavens I got the small order! The large order must be massive, since the small was even a bit too much for me to finish. This dish was yummy, in my opinion it could have been a bit more on the Cajun side but I like things extra spicy. 

Cajun Chicken Fettuccine

Our server was much better than my first experience. He knew the menu inside and out, named all the specials from memory and was quick to notice if we were in need of beverages. He also did numerous quality checks on both the appetizer and main course. This night was a complete 180 from my last experience, my mom and stepdad were thrilled with their meals and their experience. I’m going to give the Gypsy Tea Room 5/5 stars for their improvements from last year. Well done! 

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– Tastyytravels 

Date Visited: August 23, 2019

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