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Writing about chain restaurants is always a little difficult because it is what you’d expect it to be, and nothing really stands out. This experience was no different. I didn’t get a picture of the interior, but just imagine a log cabin with big wooden tables and that’s pretty much it! We sat on the bar side of the restaurant to sit away from a larger group that had a few energetic kids at it. 

Our server was also the bartender, so he was always close by as we were sitting right across from the bar. You’d think that would mean he would be very present, unfortunately that was not the case. When he first came to the table he wanted us to order our beverages as well as our meals, which was beyond annoying. We had only sat down a few moments prior so I instantly felt rushed, and as if our server didn’t want to be there. We told him that we were not in a rush, and would be taking our time with ordering. 

When we ordered, we decided to only order our appetizer because we didn’t want our server to order our main courses too quickly. We went with the Buffalo Cauliflower Wings. I know I know… I am a creature of habit, I think I might actually have an addiction to cauliflower bites / wings, they are just so yummy!! Since I’ve had them at numerous different establishments, I am becoming a cauliflower wing connoisseur. These ones were on the lower end of my favourites list. A big problem with them in general is if the pieces are too big, the inside won’t fully cook before the outside does. If they aren’t cooked long enough, you’ll end up with uncooked batter on the inside, which is nasty!! While every piece of cauliflower was fully cooked, numerous ones had uncooked batter inside. These had a tempera breading on them, so i’m guessing they used too much of it. Flavourwise they were good, I liked the red pepper seasoning they were tossed in. Our server never came back to do a quality check, when he saw we stopped eating them (due to the raw batter), he did swing by he only asked us to order main course and left the appetizer plate on the table. 

Cauliflower Wings

I wasn’t overly hungry, and decided to get another appetizer instead of a full meal. The BBQ Chicken Lettuce wraps, were delivered on iceberg lettuce (the menu says they are made with Boston bib lettuce). I get understand that living in NL can be hard to get Boston bib lettuce or fresh lettuce of any kind so that wasn’t a huge deal. The honey chipotle grilled chicken was salty but tasty. The wraps overall were good, I was actually impressed that Montana’s was able to make them, and I would likely order them again. Again our server was standing behind the bar the entire time and didn’t come back to our table (which by the way still had our dirty appetizer plate on it) to check on us. 

BBQ Lettuce Wraps

During our meal, the staff was allowing kids to flick the switch that honked the horn of the truck that was attached to the ceiling / wall. I understand that kids get excited by stuff like that, however this went on for at least a 5 minutes. It was insanely loud and annoying, I think they should limit the kids to one quick flip of the switch as a courtesy to the other customers. For my experience on this day I’m going to give 2/5 stars. The lack of service is really what is bringing down my rating, as I said the lettuce wraps were great, however due to the service and raw tempura batter, I left with a bitter feeling of my experience. 

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Date Visited: September 6, 2019

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