About Me

Living in beautiful St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador with my partner and our 2 cats, where some of the top chefs in Canada grace us with their talents.

My journey started by working for a family owned and operated restaurant group in Halifax, Nova Scotia as a support staff member. After proving myself to be a valuable team member, I was promoted to a serving position. A few years and ALOT of hard work later, I found myself to be a manager of a phenomenal restaurant on the busy Halifax Waterfront. Being a restaurant manager is no easy task. There are many, many moving pieces that together form a perfectly running restaurant. The most important part is teamwork ! A restaurant staff should be like a family, everyone supports the other and respects their “home”.

My exit from the food industry came in order to pursue other career avenues, however my love for food, wine and travel is still extremely strong. This led me to sign up as a Trip Advisor reviewer, and it quickly became my new passion. Being able to travel as frequently as I do, has given me the opportunity to put all of my food industry knowledge to the test.

So, travel with me as I explore the world one city at a time.